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Discovering mold growth on your property rings several alarms since it can be a major contributor to structural damage as well as health problems. The naturally occurring substance mold is often a result of excess moisture or water damage. Mold prefers nibbling off from cellulose, a common food source found in drywall, wood, and several other building materials. Lack of effective clean-up, remediation, and removal services leads to constant mold growth that can cause permanent property damage.

What is Mold?

A form of fungus consisting of multicellular filaments known as hyphae is commonly known as mold. Whether it is a damp, cold winter or a humid, warm summer, air moisture can cause different types of molds outdoors and indoors. Contrary to popular belief that molds can only be found on wood or drywall, they grow on various surfaces, including, but not limited to, fabric, glass, wood, plastic, and paper. An estimation from scientists reveals that over 300,000 different types of molds exist across the globe. 

The most common indoor molds include: 

  • Alternaria- Often found in damp places indoors, such as under leaky sinks or showers. 
  • Aspergillus- Grows on dusty or powdery items or building materials. 
  • Penicillium- Anything that has water damage will soon develop blue or green spots, that is, penicillium.
  • Cladosporium- This can develop on cool as well as warm areas. Cladosporium is mostly found on wood or fabrics. 

How does mold get into your house?

Since mold spores are invisible to the naked eye, they can easily breach into your house through different ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Through the air
  • Through different objects like shoes, clothing, etc
  • Through people or pets

However, these mold spores will only start growing when they find the ideal conditions such as damp surfaces, moisture, and suitable cellulose. Making the environment unsuitable for these spores can prevent them from developing and causing a problem. Eclipse has been at the forefront of mold removal in South Jersey, Central NJ, and nearby areas. Our experts know that there are a few common areas where mold appears and develops quite often, such as 

  • Hard to reach spots with leakages and flooding
  • Windows with condensation build-up
  • Areas where air circulation is minimal such as behind a closet

Why is Mold Removal Important?

The dangers of mold and their mycotoxins are well-documented health concerns. Certain people are sensitive to mold and mycotoxins. They can have adverse reactions to mold exposure to the point that they have acute symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches, allergies, aspergillosis, bronchitis, nose bleeds, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms.

Mold exposure is one of the leading causes of the phenomenon known as “sick building syndrome,” a syndrome where a person suffers an immune system reaction when exposed to mold for long periods in a specific building or room. Mold naturally occurs outdoors and serves as nature’s decomposer to break down organic materials, i.e., fallen trees and leaves. 

However, the problem occurs when mold gathers inside your property to decompose the materials in your home. Inside your home, mold works to break down materials the same way it would in nature. Besides damage to your home, mold can also have a negative impact on your health and well-being. We are experienced mold remediation professionals who can help you keep this natural decomposer outside your home or office. 

At Eclipse, we know that mold development can cause several health issues and lead to property damage. But to help property owners decide on whether to go for mold testing in New Jersey, here is a breakdown of our five-step approach to quick & professional mold removal.

Our Approach – How do we perform mold clean-up?

At Eclipse, we follow the following 6-step approach to make your home mold-free and allow your family to breathe fresh and healthy air. 

    • Discovering ALL the Mold- Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the places that can have mold, but we’re not. Our professionals know exactly where to look for and find all the hidden, visible, and dormant spores. 
  • Proper Equipment- After determining how much mold you have, we move on to assemble proper equipment for speedy and efficient mold removal in NJ. 
  • Find and Eliminate Source- Several self-proclaimed professionals only clean the affected areas and leave the source behind. We believe in finding the leaks or moist materials and eliminate them to prevent any future mold growth.
  • Repair Any Damage- After thoroughly cleaning the contaminated space, we also help you repair any physical damage caused to the property by suggesting appropriate solutions to a safe future. 
  • Mold Remediation- Eclipse guarantees that your residential or commercial property is mold-free and will remain so in the future as well.

Mold Remediation & Testing NJ

Mold Remediation & Testing NJ

Our staff is certified in residential mold remediation and commercial mold remediation. We are also certified in commercial mold inspection (PMII) The Professional Mold Inspection Institute, and we are AMRT certified through the IICRC.

Eclipse is a proud member of NAMRI, the National Association of Mold Remediators & Inspectors. Our capabilities include air sampling, tape sampling, and swab sampling collection and testing through an accredited laboratory.

Eclipse follows the industry-proven standards of care to remediate your property of mold. We also offer a five-year warranty on all work, as well as comprehensive mold inspection to identify areas of concern and give recommendations based on our inspection to reduce or eliminate microbial issues.

We offer a pre-listing mold inspection for those in the real estate industry to make the sale of your property hassle-free.

National Association of Mold Remediators & Inspectors

How many times have problems occurred with closing on a property due to a home inspection that noted “possible” mold growth? Having a pre-sale mold inspection and clearance eliminates the hassle of not knowing if the sale is off until the potential mold issue is rectified.  

Contact us to learn more about the black mold removal and inspection program. We serve South Jersey and surrounding areas near Philadelphia & Central NJ.